Vanquish scrim demos

  • Hola,

    I previously had a post but i’m sure it has been lost to the seas of time. While playing recently I was asked if there was any of Vanquish demos still available. I’ve compiled a list of demos from the current content release only as demos from previous versions won’t play.

    As recently requested, a our scrim demos from this current version, (nothing recent, all 9+ months old minimum). …

    Wasn’t able to load the folder without being zipped, sorry!!

    Now… If I remember correctly, your Steam should automatically be setup to play demo files. All you need to do is download the file, unzip and move all the demo files into the AoC Folder. Normally found as so …

    Hard Drive > Program files > Steam > Steam Apps > (Steam username) > Age of Chiv > Age of Chiv

    You drag and drop the demo files into the 2nd Age of Chivalry folder and then load game. hit the tilt ‘~’ key to open console. Type “playdemo (file name)” without quotations of course.

    I am not sure if our server is setup to record currently, we started recording for training purposes but decided that they should be available to anyone who wishes to view ‘scrim games’. Please enjoy.

    p.s: If the download doesn’t work will someone let me know? I haven’t used this site in years!

  • I believe there might be one or two quick demos that I played around with, They are only 1 or 2 minutes maybe at most, sorry!

  • What is this? Something for AoC? If so, I think you’re in the wrong section. This section is for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare. Is this some sort of map?

  • It’s demos of scrims in Age of Chivalry

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