Exp gain not working for unlocks

  • Do I need to enable something server side to let players unlock items from kills or is there a bug currently?

  • Try restarting the server and seeing if that helps. There are many people claiming unlocks have stopped working on one of our servers but to be honest with you, I have no idea if it is the server or not. It’s definitely ranked, but there are multiple people claiming unlocks are not working for them at all.

  • Make sure you have the rank option in the .ini on, and there is at least 5 human players in the game.

  • Can you tell me your server name? I added some debug things for me to use and I would like to investigate some of the occurrences of this problem.

  • Keep in mind - if you turn VAC off in UDKEngine, you will turn off weapon experience gain.

  • I can verify this problem…

    I’m renting a server from Multiplay. We were playing Saturday night and unlocks were working just fine. On Sunday morning and my son noticed he wasn’t getting credit towards unlocks any more.

    I logged in and had the same problem. I restarted the server and voila, the problem was fixed.

    I’ve made 0 changes to the ini files except for forcing 1st person perspective. Other than that everything is stock. VAC is/was on. The server was full; no bots.

    Hope this helps your bug hunt.

  • Is there any news on this issue being resolved? I’m almost always playing on either Official TDM or Official FFA servers and lately I’ve barely been able to unlock anything. Usually it just does nothing and my 6 kills remaining remain at 6, and 2 days ago or so I was congratulated for reaching rank 19, only to find myself back at 18 the next time I played. Restarting the client doesn’t seem to make a difference and I’m playing on servers labeled “Official TDM #1 [24p]” etc, so I’m assuming they’re about as ranked as can be.
    So is this the same issue as mentioned here or could there be a new one?

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