Suggestion for a realiseable addon: Antique warfare

  • Title says it all:

    Warfare just like the current chivalry but in Late Imperial Roman times. Basically roman-roman civil war. I am probaly not the first guy who thought of that, but I want to further stress out that such a thing is wanted (at least by me).
    You could continue to work with the 4-class-system:

    Heavy roman legionary for the kinght, with diffrent variations of gladius (shortsword for stabbing), scutum (big oval oval or square shield), pilum ( special throwing spear which purpose it is to get stuck in the opponents shield and drag it down) and pugio (dagger), optional choosing between lorica segmenta (the segmented armor, commonly known in popular culture but not very common for legionaries actually) or lorica harmata (chainmail, mostly common) which would influence movement speed.

    Barbarian auxiliary trooper for the vanguard, with diffrent exotic heavy weapons (for example the thracian curved sword for around-the-shield-reach, needs a new attack animation). Also he can have the heavy throwing axe (“franziska”, I know, it’s late antiquity, but you know, game design and stuff) which would cause a bigger flinch and has not so much recovery time, but is limited to 1.

    Archer, with variation velites (light skirmisher with throwing spears), slinger (the replacement for the crossbow) and bows.

    And the light trooper wit the properties of the man-at-arms (I am have not thought much about that class, maybe you guys can come up with some ideas).

    I think this is even more viable for a game like chivalry, because the horse played a major role in mediaval warfare unlike ancient times, so this is even “more relistic”.

    With it have to come new maps of course, I can picture in my mind a few:
    A “static” sea battle where the ships are tangled in one another, preferably next to a harbour to make a team mission out of it.
    A siege map at a oppidum (celtic fortified settlement, we know a lot about that because of ceasar)
    And another siege map were the attackers try to undermine the city wall and get intercepted by a counter-mineshaft (it actually happend, there is historical account).

    These all are just ideas. I would like to hear if people would pay money for that. I certainly would, and I think it would be a nice way for developers to create new content very resource efficient.

    And of course, I would like to hear other thoghts on that as well.

  • already in working idea for creat a mod


  • @shayologo:

    already in working idea for creat a mod


    Sorry, but like it is proposed, it is completly off-balance, nor very authentic. No chance to get implemented like that, keeping in mind that the developers even refuse to make horse because they would have to remodel the gameplay for that.

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