Sigils and dismemberment!

  • Hello,

    I have 2 ideas. Player created sigils to display on our armors / sheilds, And I want to cut people in half. Also down swings should cut through the shoulder down to the groin or something, yo.

    Thank you.

  • I want to cut someone into 17 pieces.

    That’s a cool idea. 8-)

  • I’m not sure about player-created sigils. For one, as I understand it, there’s only two factions in the game, so having sigils beyond those two (unless they implement a third faction or something) wouldn’t seem to make much sense. Secondly, think about how many silly and/or vulgar sigils you’d start seeing all over the place if players were given the means to create their own.

  • I think it makes sense to have your own sigil provided the main colors can change depending on which side you’re fighting on. Being forced to build your sigil out of pre-defined patterns would prevent the case of profane ones, but limit expressiveness.

    Splitting someone in half = yes please.

  • oops posted twice.

  • I meant player created as in - using a bunch of symbols from a database (much like FPS games). Plus, they could make symbols unlockable content.

    It would make sense because back in the day when this actually happened, everybody had their own house sigils and banners that they would represent in their armies. I think it would be cool to see.

    Everybody would still be red / blue, but they would have a small sigil to make them unique.

  • If they’re preset symbols that would be more acceptable, however you still have the issue of there only being 2 factions in game. I suppose they could be symbols of sub-groups within that faction or something.

  • But that wouldn’t matter, though. I’m not talking about colors for the player models itself. Both teams would still be red and blue, the only different between players is the SMALL sigil displayed on their chest armor or whatever. That way clans could create clan sigils and if they were all on the same team it would be really cool to see a bunch of people from a certain group coming to attack you. Or vise versa. Killing a bunch of them would be fun too. Of coarse there could be cases where players from that clan would be stuck on the other team, but then people could just say that he’s a traitor and slay him. Its been done in other competitive online games. Why not this one?

  • Is sigil even a word in English? I thought George R.R. Martin made that up ^^

  • Sigils / Coat of arms / whatever. You know what I’m referring to :p

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