Gamepad voice emotes via dpad

  • Would it be possible to add the ability to bring up the voice message menus via the d-pad, and to scroll through the list, or flip to a second/third/fourth page of the menu, via d-pad?

    Currently it is clumsy to reach for keyboard to hit a key to send a message, although I still do it obviously so I can laugh as I charge forward towards my enemies (and my inevitable doom).

    Many games have had quick emote messages trigger via d-pad menus before. You could use d-pad left and/or right, and then once the menu is up, all the dpad directions either trigger a specific emote, or you hit dpad down for the next page. The key factor with this system is to allow people to spam, for example, dpad LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, RIGHT, and for it to fire off the appropriate response without delay.

    Failing this kind of addition (which I do not think is that complex to code in), is it considered acceptable to rig up a solution via AutoHotkey or does Chivalry check for that via VAC and would we risk bans for using that program?

    This issue aside (and the lack of in-game controller config/layout), loving the game!

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