Slash instead of Stab?

  • Not sure if this is a bug or not, or something I am doing wrong.

    On my knight, I’m using the #1 two-handed sword with a shield. However, I find over half the time when I try to stab, it instead does the wide-horizontal swing. Needless to say, this is annoying and loses fights.

    Should I be looking for a problem on my end, or anyone else experiencing this?

  • I did not encounter this.
    Maybe you have some sort of double binding? I would try to delete the folder in “My Documents\My Games\Chivalry” or move it and let the game create it new.
    U then will have to redo your binds and settings. But it might be worth a shot.
    Also: Check your steam cache for consistency in Steam client before u do that because some guy mentioned to be back to rank 8 because of not doing that.

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