Any way to get a refund?

  • I have tried tirelessly now to fix the no servers issue for the past 3 days and have not gotten any results, I have attempted every fix I have found through google and the forums to no avail.
    So Today I sent a message to steam asking for a refund and they sent me here.
    So I was wondering, how would one go about getting a refund? The game is kind of useless to me if I can’t use the server browser at all to actually play with other people, and using a direct connection through an IP to a server really shouldn’t be an acceptable way of doing it at all.
    If anyone knows how you go about getting a refund, please post here about it.

  • Contact Valve through Steam Support. They’re the only ones who can give refunds.

  • Alright, I’ll try this again, hopefully they don’t redirect me to here again…

  • Just throwing this out there, but have you considered that your firewall might be blocking the program?
    I know Comodo is a very good security suite - check and see for yourself - but if it isn’t the firewall or antivirus blocking an application without warning, it’ll be Defense+. The latter has been such a pain in the buttocks that I disabled it permanently.

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