Varius ideas and suggestions for making the game even better

  • First of all, congratulations for your game guys :D it’s awesome. Now, while playing I found myself having lots of ideas that would make the game objectively nicer, and also I spotted a bug.
    -In the map with the castle, where the attacker’s last obj. is to kill the king, bodies which die on top of the grass areas in the yard of the throne room, stay on top of the grass. It is really ugly to see something like this and it takes some fun out of seeing your victims body hitting the ground but it is also ugly when masively fighting at that area.

    • I think many people would like to see their ranged projectiles actually piercing their enemy’s body, at the present situation, I’ve noticed that almost 30% of the projectiles which find their target are actually stuck on the body of it with most cases being really linear, which means that only in very specific areas the proj. will get stuck.
      -More death animations. I definately agree that killing animations are the least to say awesome, but it really spoils the fun when you ( for example) cut off someones hand to do exactly the same thing, it takes away from the diversity and realism you are so hardly trying to achieve. This was an example, to cut it short, I believe that a way of rewarding a unique kill is to place unique animations that are influenced by many programming factors to add in diversity and your game’s awesomeness!
    • Add an option which will allow bodies to stay in the battlefield and not to disappear ( none,50,100,150 infinite etc.). There is no reason why people with good cumputers are not allowed to take advantage of them in this amazing game. With materialising this suggestion, you dont harm anyone as people with normal or slow computers can still have the regular body dissapearing. This is also an extremely significant factor in adding to the feelling of being in an actual battlefield.
      -Damaging armors. It’s very interesting to see that your opponet is all bloody and stuff, but what about his armor? piercings, cuts etc. would be nice if they had an impact to the armor.
      -Last but not least, blood pools which interact with the terrain etc. of the battlefield, the blood flowing when in battle is already really satisfying but after 5minutes its like nothing happened in this territory.
      Congratulations again, I really appreciate and like people like you who are actually interested in their community’s needs and I very much hope to take my suggestions/ ideas into account in the future patches. Have a nice day!! live with honor soldiers!

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