MAA dodging input and health regen

  • Talley ho bitches,

    so I scream, shout but mostly enjoy.
    One thing certainly grinds my gears though mostly when playing MAA.
    It kills the flow of the class so often and I would like to know the reason behind it.

    Scenario (reproduceable):
    I keep pressing shift to keep sprinting. I reach the target area…want to dash closer towards the enemy or do some evasive dodging. Nothing happens. I can hammer the dodgebutton repeatedly without effect.

    What solves it is a quick press of the sprintbutton(after I was walking for seconds allrdy).
    Suddenly dodging works again.

    Keep sprinting…problem with the dodgekey not responding until i quicktap sprint is back.

    Keyboard works fine. Connected via an usb hub.
    Weird delay I can’t find a logic explanation for.
    Certainly kills maa momentum though.

    Health regen wont start either when I keep sprinting…stop. Stand still until I tab sprintbutton again.

  • Same thing as I started here I guess: viewtopic.php?f=69&t=6042&start=10

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