Does the game get easier?

  • @Sylanthor:

    Thanks for the kind replies guys. I am trying to learn the ups and down of every weapon as i know that each one excels at one point and does bad at others. I haven’t put a whole lot of thought into my equipment yet but i am learning.

    Right now i always use the second unlocked 1 hand mace, a backup 1h sword and a buckler. The mace i use for armored people (like supposed to right?) and the sword for lighter armored opponents. I found the tower shield and kite shield to be too big and heavy so i went for the buckler.

    I have not developed many tactics yet but i am finding some good ones, for example when i face a opponent and he is some distance away from me, i know i can surprise him by double stepping forward and stabbing, effectively allowing me to hit someone pretty far away.

    Another technique is walking backwards when enemies come towards me giving them the impression i’m not up for the fight, then suddenly i move forward and stab them.

    The thing is with those instructional videos, i don’t like being handed every tactic on a silver plate. Even though i did watch it already and learned from it. I might play some more on the Vanguard but it feels cheap. Vanguards swing their weapons and hit everyone in a 2 meter radius. whilst Man at Arms has to use more tactics. I simply have the most fun as a 1h and shield guy.

    I am keeping a close eye on everything available to me, like trading the shield for throwable hatchets. I think though that it gets too complicated if i learn more then one class at a time that’s why i plan to stick with MoA for the time being. I didn’t know the whole duel concept already existed, i will look into it.

    If I were you, I’d ditch the shield for now. Why? Shields make everything easier. Learn to parry. Later one when you get good enough to parry most of the attacks coming at you, THEN switch to the shield. You’ll be damn hard to hit. Buuut chances are you probably won’t go back to it. I didn’t because I like that extra field of view and I swear I feel faster.

    Also, as an MaA, I know you have very little reach however that doesn’t mean you can’t use what little reach you have to your favor. Dance around, make them miss, then either dodge in or sprint in with a thrust to get them nice and panicky followed by a flurry.

    You should also know that other classes see you as an easy target. Ooohhh, you should make them pay for making assumptions… but on a one vs one basis. Try not to get into any groups.

    As for Vanguards (and Knights), they’re not cheap. The reason you find them cheap is because A. They hurt you pretty bad with a single hit and B. Can take more before falling. If all you’re playing is a MaA, you’ll probably fumble around with Vanguards because the pacing is entirely different. Also Vanguards can’t use shields. I think most people agree that spears are “cheap” but personally, I don’t find any weapon to be really cheap. Frustrating to deal with, sure, but not cheap.

  • Very commendable sticking with the MAA. It’s a high performance toon that most beginners wont stick with, especially in Team Objective matches that favor shields and heavy armor for attacking/defending pushables and trebuchets.

    Free-for-all matches may be easier. Less zerging focusing on you because of the light armor. In FFA everyone is zerging everyone, as opposed to just you against four knights.

    Weapon progression seems easier and there are more light armored players.

    Foregoing a shield will make you faster but I feel quite exposed in a furball.

  • @Fryseboks:

    How to master this game:

    1. Join 64 man FFA server.
    2. Choose knight or vanguard with a high-reach twohanded weapon.
    3. Set mouse sensitivity to maximum.


  • MAA is the hardest class to play and is probably the most consistently frustrating. It requires hours upon hours of practice to learn, but once you put in this time and effort the game opens up to you. MAA has the highest skill ceiling of any class in my opinion, so the class becomes extremely satisfying to play and succeed with after all the hard work pays off.

    Quick tips:
    Pick a good weapon - broadsword, hatchet are common choices
    Train hard in duel servers
    Master dodging
    The class is all about controlling distance to your target
    Let your enemy make mistakes and punish him
    You are never allowed to make a mistake
    Practice practice practice practice practice

  • If you’re going to play MaA I’d recommend starting with the mace. It’s one of the most effective weapons in the game at slash attacks which are easiest to land, and it’s fast with the ability to 3 hit any class without having to worry about aiming for the head (2 hits for an archer or MaA, 2 for VG if you hit the head once). Hatchet is faster but you’ll have trouble with knights if you can’t land headshots or overheads. Broadsword relies a lot on utilizing its slight but meaningful reach advantage, as well as using stabs and overheads which are usually difficult for newer players.

    Also, remember to use your mobility. Dodging is important but not the end-all MaA move, you have a very fast strafe and backpeddal speed compared to other classes. Control the distance and bait the enemy into missing an attack, then dodge in for a hit. Once you’re in close, stay in close; you can move around the enemy with your superior strafe speed and make it more difficult for them to land an attack. They’ll resort to slashing most likely, which you can duck under or predictably parry and counter.

  • There’s a learning curve to this game and it will get better.

    My suggestions :

    -Take a class that has med/high HP like a vanguard or a knight; at least you can take a few hits with those.

    -Play on Team Objective servers because even though you’ll get killed most of the time there’s still the thrill of following the objective and trying to get your team to complete it.

    -Last but not least : look for extra tutorials on youtube, it helps a lot!
    Have a look at Shara’s channel, pretty good tutorials on there :

  • Knight is easy

    Vanguard is a little bit harder

    Man at arms is hard

    Archer is intermediate

    Javelin archer is hard.

    Different classes allow you raise your skill with their movements, niches and strengths.

    I would suggest perfecting a class so that when you face it, your completely aware of your enemys capability.

    Always be aware of your surroundings

    Use them to your advantage.

  • Just to echo, it’s easier as you get better.

    If you enjoy the concept of the game, just play it and don’t worry about all the bollocks… you’ll get better. If you hate it don’t bother. You’re playing against other people in a far more challenging setting (melee) that most are accustomed to, so it’ll be a while before you get better and even then you’ll still screw up sometimes, have bad days, etc.

  • Perhaps i overreacted when i said it’s extremely hard, sometimes i do really good and i even got second place in my team today. Before i would have panicked 1 vs 1 but now i am more and more calm and its so much fun toying with the enemy.

    Of course i meet the occasional skilled opponent and die faster than i can lay my eyes on him. But it’s all good as most of the time i realize what kind of mistakes i made.
    I took your advice and threw away the shield, it’s a lot easier i just got to remember to use my throwing weapons as well. I also found the joy of a duel server and i can actually see myself getting better every fight.

    Would anyone like to spar sometime on a empty server? Perhaps a fellow newbie so we can exchange tactics? Would be really cool. My steam username is Sylanthor.

  • Some MaA training tips:

    1- Practice with bots in single player mode. They are fairly predictable but good for basic practice in the beginning.
    2- Unlock weapons in FFA games, yes it’s a very lame game mode but good for unlocking the next weapon.
    3- Practice more in team objective games on less populated servers, 4-8 players per side is ideal. 10 players and more per side will begin to make MaA life increasingly miserable.

    Don’t worry about getting tactics handed to you on a silver plate, in the end you will find out what works best for you in terms of play-style, speed, damage and range. I do best with the big shield and falchion. Also use the broadsword and fire pot because want to get better with them.


  • Glad to hear you’re doing well and see that the community jumps at the opportunity to help~

    Keep on fightin’ lads.

  • Yep. Not only have i found one of the most promising and exciting games of the year it also comes with many wise developers and a great community! It is very uncommon for me to be so interested in a game… The promises Steve (lead designer) makes are amazing too, free DLC, development team with actual ears on their heads.

    Not just a team that has a freighter full of money and is looking to fill as many ships as they can. I mean 22 euro + free upcoming additions to the game compared to 70 euro for other games… And i am not even mentioning the ridiculousness of 4-5 DLC priced 50+ euro together.

    Once again thanks :)

  • It gets super easy. I get bored out of my mind now, until I meet some better players and epic fight ensues. Then, when I win, I get excited. When I lose, I try to find this guy again and challenge again.

  • @boomandvibe:

    It gets super easy. I get bored out of my mind now, until I meet some better players and epic fight ensues. Then, when I win, I get excited. When I lose, I try to find this guy again and challenge again.

    Why not just run around killing people with VG falcon punch? I never get bored doing that.

  • @SlyGoat:


    It gets super easy. I get bored out of my mind now, until I meet some better players and epic fight ensues. Then, when I win, I get excited. When I lose, I try to find this guy again and challenge again.

    Why not just run around killing people with VG falcon punch? I never get bored doing that.

    HAHAHAH I never thought of that. I’m stupid. I’m gonna try it now.

  • It sounds to me that your connection might not be optimal. When you’re playing in these servers, make sure to check your ping (press TAB, on the right side).

    Anything about 60 in this game will start to cause some issues. At that level, you should be okay. Above 100, and you’ll notice your strikes don’t quite land when they should, and parrying becomes harder.

    For the general game though, I feel that as far as tips go, practice is king. When I started, I had plenty of frustrating games too, but now like many others I have a blast playing. Hang in there!

    You can add me on steam too, if you want to practice with me.

  • UnknownXV: It’s probably part lag and part inexperience, looking back at my first few matches i really didn’t know what to do. But indeed practice makes perfect, and it just takes some getting used to the way opponents move about in the game.

  • I think you might have been in a game with me last night on the other team! There was a MAA who was 0-12 and was venting about it haha. He was a good sport though. I was the archer on the barn roof who killed him a few times. Don’t worry! Its pretty normal to get killed a bunch of times as a noobie. You will learn. I have been playing for a few weeks and am a lot better than I was when I started out.

    MAA might be a tough class to start with. I personally started with Knight because they are the most durable. Probably a good idea for a new player to start with that so you can get more practice in instead of being constantly 1 shotted before you learn anything! Hang in there, this game is awesome but a little frustrating at first to learn!

  • P.S.

    Find a duel server. It is really the best way to learn how to attack and block effectively with any of the classes.

  • @TedBundyJr:


    Find a duel server. It is really the best way to learn how to attack and block effectively with any of the classes.

    I see people talking about duel servers but I never actually saw one or see anything that indicates it even exists.
    How do you find one?

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