Adding more to TO gameplay

    1. Movable catapults
      I´m actually surprised how easy it is to use it and on some maps (Stoneshill, Battlegrounds) it can be really effective. Perpahps it could be incorporated as an objective itself into the future maps. First the team would have to bring it to the high ground, then make a hole in the fortifications for the team to pass through and then destroy the castle itself (towers, cathedrals etc.).

    2. Ladders
      Armies used to carry ladders to climb up the walls. These could be carried either by one player (slow movement speed) or 2 players (normal in-game walking speed). Those 2 would actually have to work together and coordinate their moves. When in danger they would have to drop it on the ground to fight back.
      When climbing up the ladder players could only use 1-handed weapons (thus more reason for them).

    3. More spawn spots
      An occasional barn, windmill, church or a town-hall could be strategically placed around the castle for players to capture in order to secure more spawn spots. This would create more strategy to play with.

    Please share your thoughts!

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