List of Achieveemnts that I think don't work

  • List of Achieveemnts that I think don’t work:

    • Get 10 headshots in 1 round
    • Extinguish fire in Hillside
    • Reach level 5
    • Reach level 10
    • Reach level 20
    • 3 Tutorial achievements (cause tutorial is bugged)

  • i confirm that the one you did mentionned don’t work for me either, and i would add those following achivement in the list if you could update (or maybe they just bug for me i don’t know)

    Sand of time : Don’t properly add the time that i play

    Rotisserie chef : Happend a couple of time that i killed a burning mason

    Let it rain : Dosen’t properly add arrow that i shot with the SHORTBOW (i just shoot over 200 arrow yesterday and they are not added today) but sometime it does.

    I am Wall : I am mainy a defensive Knight and i block more than i attack yet it’s stuck at 64 block ? (Is it blocking with a weapon? blocking with a shild both?)

    Fist of fury: i killed at leat 20 and it still 0 :S

    Fire Starter: I never used the oil of pot in all my 80+ hour of playing yet i have 1 oil/fire pot kill :D

  • I’m also unable to unlock these achievements as well, does anyone know if they are working to fix this?

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