Unable to Unlock anymore weapons

  • So I have seen alot of people talking about issues with the new patch, which I expected for a game like this. No bother to me, I been having a goddamn blast with it. But last night i played for 5 hours used a knight to unlock the last set of weapons and no matter what weapon I used in 1 o the 3 column, the # for the next unlock for each weapon never went down. I played in FFA, Mixed modes, etc servers and nothing was ever unlocked. Is this a bug that no1 has talked about or seen? If it isn’t a bug, is it a new feature in the game?

    This issue is for every class as well not just the knight. I just played with the knight for the first time last night and noticed it.


  • Did you make sure you were playing on an official server?

    Was there more than 5 non-bot players on all the teams?

  • Ya I was playing on the servers that I always played on and unlocking weapons and it was 32 v 32 all players no bots

    Ill try the servers again when I play tonight and update. Maybe it was just something I wasn’t checking, but all my buddies were having same issue

  • Maybe this can help,check it out:

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