Suddenly excited!!!

  • I played AoC. Actually I remember waiting for AoC to come out. And I enjoyed the hell out of it for a good while. Then stopped playing and came back later to enjoy it some more! Until eventually it’s limitations as a mod got the better of me and I lost interest. Then one day I spot CMW on IndieDB and I was interested… But the only videos there were tailor type cinematic deals. So while interested I wasn’t overly excited just yet.

    Then one day while I was bored I randomly decided to come take a poke at the actual site and I see those two dev blogs that demonstrate hit detection and basic play in game. With explanations of how things work no less! And it was sexy as hell!!! I am excited now for damn sure! Can’t wait to see what else you guys do! That being said… Go upload those videos to indiedb already! Who knows how many people are mildly interested in the game at this point but waiting for more details like the ones in those videos!!

    Keep up the great work!

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