Still do not have my kickstarter helmet and…

  • still do not have my kickstarter helmet and not listed on supporters i made a post on here weeks ago now sent you guys a email with all my stuff still have not heard anything. I am really feeling ripped off if you guys can’t fix this can i atleast get half my money back? it’s not cool to treat your supporters like this.

  • What is your email address?

  • Sorry, it took so long to respond.
    However, from what you sent us it seems like you made the purchase on our Humble Bundle store – not from our KickStarter. Your purchase on the Humble Bundle store only gives you access to the game + the instant access.

    Sorry about the confusion.

  • it refered me from the kickstarter page to that i had the helmets in beta so am i getting screwed because i picked the wrong payment option? that is bs since it was from going to the kickstarter picking my package then i picking a payment option i wanted knocks me out of stuff that was suppost to be gained for my money seems legit…… so again i call bs

  • Developer

    Hello, Sorry for any confusion. Can you please provide me your email address with a PM to me? This is a very special case so we will look into your purchase for you and try to figure out what happened. Thanks!

  • sent

  • Did you get the Kickstarter helmet?

  • Stop it. :|

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