Unusually laggy tonight

  • And it wasn’t just me. I tried 4 different servers and everyone was warping/teleporting and freezing constantly. I thought it was just me at first, but you could see other people were struggling with it and a lot of “wtf” in chat.

    I also noticed my ping was over twice what it showed in the browser. One server it was nearly 3 or 4 times. Someone else in one of the games said he had the same issue. He is also from the UK like me so not sure if that’s a factor.

    Anyone else having major lag issues tonight?

  • Hey Dave, it was actually me on that server talking to you :)

    Therefore, just signed up to say that lag is also a major issue for me tonight (from the UK). Tried about 5 servers, and had a low ping for each one - yet was getting lag spikes all the time. Was playing fine yesterday and the day before.

    I had literally just convinced my brother to get the game tonight as well, and now it’s not gonna give a very good first impression. D’oh! :|

  • Seems to be better now.

  • Yeah seems to have resolved now! :D

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