Best MAA weapons now?

  • Now that the norse sword has been nerfed, which weapons/loadouts do you guys think is best?

    I’ve done really well with the War-Axe but the range on that thing is pathetic. You can be in punching distance and still not register sometimes.

  • I love the Dane Axe. The overhead strong enough to allow for 2-shotting a vanguard.

    Dash forward, jump-overhead! Wham bam thank you, Ma’am.

  • IMO: Dane Axe is a little bit above the rest (predicted this forever ago and many of last patch’s norse sword users are now dane axe users). The other contenders are Hatchet, Flanged Mace, Broadsword, Falchion and Morning Star in roughly that order - but it’s pretty close. Basically just the Holy Water and War Axe are a little under par, and the Norse Sword was overnerfed and has no niche over the Broadsword; same damage and speed on its stab, lower range. It’s still a relatively strong weapon, there’s just no reason to use it over the Broadsword unless you want to slash exclusively (which is ironic as it’s described as a thrusting sword) in which case you’re better off with the Falchion, or an axe/mace.

  • #1 Broadsword - Good reach, fast, premiere MAA thrust weapon. Versatile. Many tactical options.
    #2 Hatchet - 3 shot knights, very difficult to block, fast. Standard LMB gameplay.

    My style of play requires a weapon like the broadsword, formerly the norse sword. I’ve learned many irregular combat tactics that are only possible with a weapon with reach, speed, and thrusting ability. Damage is somewhat low, but that is the price I pay to have the widest variety of combat options possible.

    The Dane Axe is alright, but I would rather play a knight with a long and slow weapon than an maa with the same. Too much mobility is lost when dedicating to dane axe slashes.

  • Fists.

    Nah, but I still see people wreck shit with the norse sword, despite the nerf. Personally, really prefer the dane axe. But that’s just personal preference. If you want to know which MAA weapon is best, you’ll have to look at the damage tables, compare them all and then decide that it’s mostly player skill that makes the difference.

  • I use the dane axe but I also still use the norse sword. People still complain about it when I use it.

  • Nobody expects the dagger. STABSTABSTABSTABSTAB
    It’s especially great in lts/tdm/ffa to quickly finish an unsuspecting opponent.

  • Seems like there are a lot of dane axe fans, though I haven’t noticed a MAA with a dane axe for about two weeks. Though this might be due to dane axe MAAs dying very quickly to faster weapons, or I just have terrible memory.

  • @FrostFire626:

    Seems like there are a lot of dane axe fans, though I haven’t noticed a MAA with a dane axe for about two weeks. Though this might be due to dane axe MAAs dying very quickly to faster weapons, or I just have terrible memory.

    I generally see relatively few maa’s around.

  • eh depends on u 8-)

  • I play knight, but I’ve been smacked about a lot by mma’s with maces last couple of days, with or without shield. When combined with skill and plenty of dodging and moving they are quite the adversary. My bloody corpse can testify to that.

  • I’ve fallen in love with the broadsword. Such a fun blade to use.

  • Falchion all day. My favorite for its speed and damage.

    The only other weapon I use is the flanged mace when I want to mess around since it can take down a knight with 2 head hits and a kick.

  • I started out with the broadsword, but lately I’ve been addicted to the mace. When the lack of range frustrates me I sometimes switch to the morning star, especially if I’ve been dueling the same guy a lot - it’s a surprise for them if they thought they’ve gotten comfortable with my range.

    I really must get around to unlocking the axes, though. I hear a lot of good about the Dane axe.

    I do like to dagger it up sometimes, too. I worked really hard to unlock the scimitar and wound up hating it; may as well use the falchion! Psychologically, people underestimate the dagger, but if you get up really close and go to town with stabs, you can get a lot of people to panic.

  • I personally enjoy the Dane Axe the most. It is simply imo the most versatile weapon a MaA can use. It kills in the same amount of hits as pretty much every primary weapon the MaA has at his disposal, but has a longer reach and an extremely quick and long ranged stab. It simply doesn’t have a weakness to any weapon, and I find it more reliable than the broadsword, as it deals more damage to the vanguard and knights, vanguards only requiring overhead to the head combined with another swing attack to the head or torso to kill. Also, I kind of find it easier to get around shields and parries. Do the hitboxes for axes match the visual models?

  • Hatchet overhead only = faster prenerf-norsesword with a bit shorter range

  • Quick wits and quicker feet.

  • Dane axe.

  • So I spent the morning unlocking the axes, and just got the Dane axe. I like it; the additional range is a fair trade for me over the speed of the flanged mace. I have to get used to the overhead chop not landing quite as quickly as it does with the mace when looking down. Poking is surprisingly effective for an axe!

    The war axe isn’t as bad as I’ve heard; I actually did better with it than the hatchet. The tradeoff in range for damage made it effective in running around backstabbing people who were already engaged in 1v1 duels (all’s fair in love and war, right?) without much fear of hitting your ally, but the Dane axe is much more comfortable in are more fair fight.

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