Another Votekick Topic

  • I’m honestly tired of people abusing votekick. I get votekicked atleast 2 times a day for “hacking” or simply because someones just mad that i’m killing them. It happens particularly often in free for all servers.

    I understand that votekick is a necessity in case a real hacker joins the server, but does anyone have any good suggestions on how they could change this so it can’t be abused so easily?

  • My same response as always.

    “It should require 3 people to start a votekick. So if person A types votekick, it is announced to the players that person A started a votekick against person B. in which case people would as why? And if a good reason is given, then person C and person D will also do a votekick against person B to get a server wide vote going.”

    I don’t see abuse happen too often, but I think this change will make it harder for ONE person to troll a server.

  • Good thing you made a new thread! might have missed the issue.

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