Game-Monitor server list showing wrong port numbers

  • Does anyone have any information about how to get them to show the correct port numbers? They seem to be showing the Steam master server port number instead of the port number that we would use to connect to them.

    For example they show the Vanquish servers as:

     Vanquish - Saturday Knight Fever
    30 /32	aoclts-moor_p	
    2 Vanquish Thy Foes!
    2 /24	aocto-stoneshill_p	
    3 Vanquish Thy Foes!
    2 /24	aocto-stoneshill_p	
    4 Vanquish - Duel Server
    0 /12	aocto-hillside_p

    When in fact they should be:

    Vanquish Servers:
    Vanquish - Saturday Knight Fever (Dallas) 32 slot []
    Vanquish Thy Foes! TO & TD (Chicago) 24 slot []
    Vanquish - Duel Server (Chicago) 12 slot []

    This ticks me off because I just spent 2 hours building a Google Chrome extension that converts the IP addresses on the list into hyperlinks that launch Chivalry and automagically connects to the server. Since the ports are wrong… it doesn’t work. (Spent awhile figuring that silly thing out). Otherwise the extension is complete and working (assuming that the port numbers were correct, can’t actually test it for that reason…).

    ReMixx frustrated. :x

    I was looking forward to trying out a javascript hack to get accurate ping numbers for you too… but no point exploring that because of this. Guess I’ll look into seeing if I can manually query the servers and replace them with the proper port numbers… :|

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