Bug Reporting

  • Have a system that the user can report bugs in the game. This will allow for easier patches and more accurate bug fixing. Perhaps have the ‘esc’ menu have the “bug reporting” tab?

  • Clicks bug report button I’m seeing an ant climbing up this post, is that normal? :P

    Anywho, I agree that there should be some easy way to report bugs. Either programmed into the game (Which I rarely had work, honestly), or by having an easy screenshot key and a user-friendly online bug report page on the website (Which has worked for me).

    What has worked for me in the past, or not, so long as there is some way to easily report bugs and exploits, the majority of legitimate gamers will be happy. Just be sure that you have people willing to take the time to look at the bugs and fix them if they appear. If you can’t have people able to support bugfixing post-release, it’s better no not have it coded into the game itself.

  • Source engine has a default bug reporter service, which can be added to the Main Menu of the game/mod. I’m not sure if modders could use it, but I know Valve probably does here and there in their games.

    As for UDK engine, not sure about a bug reporting thing. Either way, it has screenshots/demos by default. It should be easy to pick up most of the bugs, as players from AoC have been around for a while. And since the devs are making money, they’ll probably stick around to patch it for a while at least.

  • This is becoming more and more common in games. It is what the developers do with the report that matters.

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