Basic Archer Tactics

  • I googled a simple write out of “common sense” type tactics that can apply to the Chivalry game.

    Please post any other archer based tactics that are useful in this game. I’ll update the OP with your tactic idea if it sounds reasonably useful (Once this thread goes more than one page). :)

  • Well this is pretty basic and very true stuff, but I wonder for what this has been written? It’s from 2000 and there are no chivalry or commanders xD

    Still sticking to this advises will vastly improve your play if you do bad as an archer.

    My advice is every weapon has it’s purpose. (I will put this briefly)

    -Longbow, easy hitting support weapon for sticking to your frontline
    -Shortbow, the only bow I would dare hugging / rushing an objective with
    -Warbow, hard to hit but very rewarding. Best choice against heavy knight +vanguard teams.

    -Crossbow, My favorite for hunting other archers. ( Easier to hit than Warbow+ broadhead) and xbowmen have some advantages in archer vs archer fight. You don’t sacrifice your dmg on other classes too, in case you don’t get a clear target.
    -Light Crossbow, perfect mix of dmg, arrow speed and mobility in case you just can’t decide what to counter first.
    -Heavy Crossbow, unfortunatly it’s only advantage is an increased effective range, which on most TO objectives can’t be used anyway. Great for 2nd obj on stonehill tho and your projectile will always strike first, sometimes even before your target looses his arrow.

    And a general advice, take your time to aim, don’t just fire it away the second you’re ready. Trust me your accuracy will improve drastically if you start watching your targets carefully and wait for the second he gets blocked/ attacks/ runs unaware in a straight line etc. This way your properly aimed shot is a bigger suprise as well.

    And another thing, chivalry (unfortunatly) demands you to stick as close to your target as possible. So learn how close you can get with each weapon and to recognize when you need to get out of there asap.
    The best position (as mentioned in OP) is as close to the target as possible, still somewhere he can’t instantly reach you (terrain / teammates) and somewhat on the side so they can never have both you and your team in view at the same time.

  • @Escadin:

    Well this is pretty basic and very true stuff, but I wonder for what this has been written? It’s from 2000 and there are no chivalry or commanders xD.

    It’s a SCA thing. I was a little confused too until I saw it mention golf tube arrows.

    Funny how much of this real world combat simulation advice works for Chivalry as well.

  • Escadin has some great advice. Also I would like to add a couple things:

    1. I wanted to elaborate on Escadin’s “take your time” suggestion. This is pretty much a no brainer, but aiming becomes a lot easier when you of course focus on anticipating your target’s movement. If you see your teammate sparring with an enemy, watch the movements. If they are circling eachother it is pretty easy to put an arrow into your target if they are repetitive with their movement. Same thing goes for when someone is charging you. Better players are harder to get, but a lot of people will just dodge left and right while charging at you, so watch their pattern and you can predict where they will be when your arrow gets there.

    2. Also, don’t be one of those idiot long range sniper archers. They usually never even hit anything and end up not contributing to their team. The most you can usually accomplish from a long distance is basically just taking out the other team’s archers. I have found a lot of success actually following the team into battle but of course staying behind the front lines. When you are sniping from a distance by yourself it can be easier for an enemy to sneak up on you.

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