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  • Hey, guys. I have a small announcement to make…I’m working on a medieval/realistic overhaul of the game Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. I have a lot of the actual technical directions laid out and planned, and I’m gathering the reference material needed to help modelers to create the content I would need…

    Anyway, info for the “mod” - basically, what I am doing is redesigning the entire game. It’s going to start out simply as a visual overhaul, changing everything the player can pick up, wear, and interact with. I’m adding a new clothing system, where I have 35 types of shirts done in 1-5 colors in 5 different material types, across 4 social classes, and 10 colors to choose from in each of them. That leads to a HUGE amount of variety in a small number of models. And that’s being done for shirts, pants, shoes, vests/tabbards/surcoats, coats/jackets/cloaks, and hats. None of the original clothing will be used (Though they’re not being removed from the game)

    The idea is to create a Cyrodiil that looks as though it was pulled from the pages of history, circa 10th - 13th century Europe. I’m redesigning all of the weapons, and even the weapon system (Low level swords aren’t as effective as low level axes and blunt weapons, but high-level swords are expensive). I’m changing the armor system to match (All metal armors are considered heave armor, while non-metal armors are light), and modifying the pick-upables and random junk to look as historically-accurate as possible.

    Does this mean I’m removing the fantasy elements? No. Goblins, Orcs, elves, and all other fantasy elements are staying in the game, though they may take a bit of redesigning. One of the major late-life overhauls being added to the game is a complete rework of the countryside, adding living towns, mines, farms, and inns with a realistic population. Adding 5000 named NPCs with (basic) dialogue and day/night cycles, reforming the legion, and (hopefully) expanding the actual map size to about double the base game size.

    Eventually, I’ll start adding in quests to help expand on existing stories, create new ones, and bring the overall feel of Oblivion into the middle ages. That’s a lot of work, and I currently have only one person working on it other than me, and she’s working on the landscape tweaks. What I’m saying is…I need help.

    I can’t model to save my pasty white hindquarters, and there is a lot of work to be done. Right now, I’m focusing on clothing, though I have references for weapons and armor ready. If anyone knows any place I can go to to find people willing to help me out, that would be great. Already on the TES Nexus. It’s a lot of work to be done, and I can’t do all of it. I can texture the models, I can put them in game, I just can’t create them, and there is nothing to create them from, so if anyone has any ideas, I’d like to hear them.

    If anyone has any questions about the mod, ask, and I’ll answer. In the meantime, I’m going to go into my game and start working on getting placeholders set up, so when I do receive the models, I already have somewhere to put them.

  • Sounds like a huge undertaking man I wish you all the best and hope you don’t get bogged down by it.

  • I have most of the groundwork laid out. I know what I need, I just don’t have a way to get the models I need. I’m at the point where I’m about ready to start incorporating everything into the game and wait for the models, but until I have models on the way, it would be pointless. D:

    All I need is at least one modeler for clothing, armor, and/or weapons. Once I have that, I can begin actually creating the mod, rather than just getting reference pictures and saying “I would like this.”

  • Sounds pretty cool, good luck with it.

  • Working on a Lite version of it right now. It doesn’t add new content, but it does change the game balance, item weights, item prices, and equipment on NPCs. Once I get that released, people might have an easier time offering the help I need, because then I’ll have something released. Already have miscelanius items, armor, and clothing done. Working on changing weights and costs of weapons, then going to work on ingredients and potions.

    Also have someone working on placeholder textures for basegame clothing, so I can work on it a lot more. Once I have placeholders ready, I’ll be able to test game balance and tweak it while i get the new models and textures in.

    If anyone wants to help, either by testing in in their own Oblivion, or some other thing, just let me know. :)

    And I just got Skyrim. People have been telling me to drop working on this mod in favor of working on a Skyrim mod, but Skyrim, while being in a different era, has a very medieval feel. I wouldn’t be doing quite as much with it as I would with Oblivion. Plus, the clothing/armor system is a big step backwards, and would be very hard for me to get what I want. Easier to control what the players wear, but harder to control the looks of the outfits.

  • UPDATE: Sorry about the double post, but I figured if I just edited, people wouldn’t see it. Sorry in advance. D:

    I now have a modeler who joined the team, and will be working on weapons and armor. Not exactly where I wanted to start, but close enough. They’re arguably more important anyway. lol Still looking for clothing modelers, but for now, I got someone working with me, and I can begin work in earnest once he is able to finish modeling what is needed.

    The “Lite” version has turned into a “Proof-of-Concept” and “Baseline” version of the mod, and will form the basis of the final features. I’ll be using it to test out the balancing of the mod before I put it into full action, and the mod will be built based off of this .esp.

    If anyone wants to test the mod as it develops, let me know via PM, and I’ll upload the .esp somewhere and PM you a link. It’s not complete yet, I have yet to fully, truly, and properly test out the balancing of magic, which I just changed. The changes made to weights and prices have been made and are working well so far. Don’t expect to be able to afford much of anything at the start of the game.

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