So many bugs

  • So I just bought this game the other day through steam and I’ve had so many problems already, its a bit discouraging.

    First problem, I would hit play, then yes to allow changes. After that it would go to step 1 and then close out and nothing happens. After trying what Remixx suggested, it continued to happen. I eventually deleted that one folder that another person suggested and re installed, and verified game data and nothing happened.

    I just kept trying and finally, I don’t really know what I did but it opened and I got to the game menu page. At first when I hit multiplayer, it would freeze, say that there was an error and close out. Once again I scoured the forums and did the delete of some folder and backup and it finally worked and I was able to go through a bit of training.

    When I closed out to try multiplayer I didn’t see any servers. I close out of the game and search forums yet again, apply for beta blah blah. Still nothing is loading. I finally decide to just go through training since it seemed as though something was wrong with steam because multiple other people couldn’t find the servers. I click training and what do you know! error! close out again. I try to log back into the game and its back to step 1 and closing. No game menu at all.

    Getting really frustrated and not sure if I want to keep trying. A ton of others have these similar problems so please address them!

  • So you can’t start the game at all now? When does it crash? Please attach a Launch.log and DxDiag.txt.

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