Critical Free-For-All Change:

  • In sci-fi games such as Unreal Tournament, I can understand this, but in Chivalry, I cannot tolerate this:

    No spawning behind people; make people spawn in a particular UNREACHABLE area, and then flood into battle.

    It makes no sense that I should die in a game like this because someone who has been spawned for two seconds shanked me in the back of the head with a freaking letter opener while I had otherwise taken care of the people trying to come after me before I started to reload my crossbow. (Example.)

    No cries of “wussy”, “n00b”, “learn how to play”, “you lack skills”, etc., please. You have to admit, even in a modern-day themed FPS, this is pretty stupid.

    AT LEAST let there be an option to select EITHER unreachable spawning OR Unreal Tournament type of spawning.

    Makes sense in Unreal Tournament. Not in Chivalry. Thanks.

  • I notice the spawns are exclusively on the sidelines. Stay near the centre of the map and you’re good.

  • That’s not always the case, though, and what about when you spawn in front of someone who spawns the same time as you. See?

  • I’ve played a tun of FFA (like a ridiculous amount, probably 150 hours at least) and this has never been a problem. I dont think spawns are a big deal at all in a melee game like this. You almost always have enough time to react to a newly spawned player. Since they still have to walk to you and charge their swing. The trick is to be always listening and be aware of your surroundings. Constantly check your back, and if someone is coming up behind you, react to that. Back up and consider your options before re-engaging the enemy.

  • The problem with spawn zones is that there will always be a choke point out of the spawn. In a free for all it would be further aggravating especially with map design to make 32 spawn zones. Out in the side areas at random at least gives you a chance to move.

  • …then maps would need 32 spawn areas.

  • @JHoersten2:

    Stop being a wussy, you noob. You need to learn how to play because you obviously lack skills.

    I think you have selective illiteracy/are a troll.

  • JHoersten2 , I deleted your post. There was no reason for you to even comment in this thread if that is all you have to offer. Don’t do it again.


  • Im actually very happy this game has almost no spawn trappers. Think it has to do with stats wich make people farm. Nothing more anoying then spawn and die intant because some d*ck is waiting for you to spawn

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