Votekick system could use work.

  • Joined a server, and there was two people on my team, team-killing everyone. I votekicked the culprit, and the vote failed. So I joined the opposite team.

    About 10 minutes later, that person votekicks me, and it succeeds (barely, stupid teammates who vote yes to every vote? Only thing I could think of). I was the highest scoring (and k/d) player of our team. I didn’t chat/voice spam, I didn’t teamkill, there’s no reason I should be vote-kickable.

    The system needs adjusting. The votekicks display no reason. More than half the time I see a votekick, I have no idea why the votekick is being initiated? Also, why the hell can you votekick people on the opposite team?

  • I agree. Last night, while i was playing on a server i usually play on, there were 2 people having a vote war. they kept throwing votes at eachother but still didn’t get voted out.
    When i spoke out against it, one of them threw a vote against me and of course i got kicked.
    Every server i go on there are people abusing the vote system against innocent players

    If there were some way of showing a reason along with your votekick it would be easier for people to see if its just trolling or reasonable.
    So when you initiate a votekick it asks you to type in a reason and when it pops up on the other players screens it shows something like this:

    Nvissu initiated a votekick against Nvissu
    Reason: Excessive teamkilling

    Oh and you could also add a cooldown time for the votekick, so that you can’t throw one vote after another but have to wait like 2 minutes untill you can throw a new one. Should take care of the worst vote spam.

  • We’ve got a million posts on this already. Please do a search and post in threads already open about this. Thanks!

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