Did not want to bother custom section with a request

  • This is a mod idea, I did not want to put this where people are actually MAKING the mods, as there have been some complaints about people doing that.

    This is basically an “everything but the kitchen sink” idea that would slowly, and I mean, SLOWLYm develop more content. It would be in open Alpha/Beta for a pretty damn long time. Something I wish I had the modding skills for, but I simply don’t.

    Take Chivarly, polish it up and everything (in terms of playability etc), make it realistic/reasonable/reasonable within context, add P2P option, add more mission, siege, and full-out warfare type content,

    add the same “types” of classes for different “races” as it were

    I.E, Pre-History Races, Ancient Races, Medieval Races including current classes, Low/High Fantasy Races, Low/High Sci-Fi Races, Modern Races, Low/High Superhero Races…just some ideas…

    and on top of that, vehicle sets and subsets that are also “classes”, but not really.

    add more gameplay dynamics such as flight, swimming, climbing, gymnastics, etc., which would basically implement very simple position, jump, crouch, and use controls…different uses for each key would also be implemented, as well as various button combinations and patterns to do different things.

    This mod would have very barebones graphics, but steps would be taken to ensure that the game still looked good for the game concept and would be “essential”. The appeal would be that virtually anything could happen, and that virtually anyone would be able to play it.

    This game, to make up for the complications of physics programming, involve many “chance” dynamics. For instance, if someone is sprinting in a pool of blood, and you throw someone’s dismembered head at them, what happens? Things would only be set to a degree. Headshots would usually kill, but maybe they don’t kill you instantly, depending on the distance, or rather than instantly killing you, slowly drain your health and cause some undesirable effects, affecting your movement, sight, and sound.

    If there is a way to make it that the player model IS the hitbox, I think that’s the best way to do things, or at least make the hitboxes so close to that of the player model that it is as least plausible a near-hit would still hurt.

    The settings, while realistic, reasonable, reasonable-within-context, would be tongue-in-cheek and loosely akin to the Super Smash Bros series.

    So, I guess, think history, meets modern world, meets fantasy, meets sci-fi, meets comics 80s/90s and cartoons – all as knockoffs of what they represent.

    Adding a horde, wave, LFD type of run-to-the-finish mode or something would be a bonus.

    I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to serve as much more than a creative consultant for this as I have no modding skills >_<. I would like people to develop these ideas with, to generalize them and make different frameworks out of them.

    If this mod could be somewhat open-source so people could make their own missions, that’d be great. Would just whitelist anything that wasn’t really buggy.

  • This is pretty loosely inspired by a mod that the original Unreal Tournament had where you could be dragons, sorcerors, and other stuff.

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