Why is it so hard to hit attacking players with arrows?

  • I found enemies fighting and swinging almost impossible to hit. Sometimes the arrows will go right though them. Is it the little forward dash thing that makes it hard?

  • Flinch + How slow your weapon is + Which direction you’re swinging from + Ping + Where you’re aiming.

    Too many variables to accurately detail why it’s difficult for you. There are many reasons why it’s difficult.

  • Indeed, the melee combat in this game is not perfect.

    Sometimes you can get stabbed even though the polearm never got closer than 40centimerers to your dude.

    I once swung my hammer behind a guy, and then watched his head go POP!
    I’ve also swung my Hatchet through a Vanguard’s belly(it was literally inside of his torso, both the upper shift and the whole blade!) and the game didn’t register it as a hit.

    Also, shield models don’t accurately represent their area of defense.
    I’ve killed a knight with a huge tower shield on his back by hitting him in the ‘back’ with a small axe, lol

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