Change the black and white cam when low on health

  • The main problem with Chivalry is how everything seems to turn black and white when low on health, and apart from not seeing that clearly I sometimes cant discern friendlies from enemies!

    One time when I finished an enemy after barely having any health left someone ran passed me and I assumed it was the enemy so I started running after him swinging like crazy( the adrenaline was too much!) until my view turned normal and I saw I was chasing a team mate!
    Please don’t kick us when we are down!

  • I agree that the faded colours when on low health only seem to handicap you even further, because most of the times if you wish to spot a target or an enemy, you spot them by colour, or by movement. When everything is faded to the point of it being greyscale, it’s just one blur of grey.

    I also think that while it’s a handicap, it adds to the “oh shit” sensation that you normally have when you’re about to die. However, I do believe that there could be an alternative to this.

  • Yes exactly, just some blood spurts on the sides of the view should be enough. Whatever is done, the screen should not turn to black and white!

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