Ideas for the votekick system

  • After the last patch ive encountered many players who continue to abuse the votekick system… I think these ideas might help with the vote spam (I just posted this in another thread so ill just copy paste some of it)

    If there were some way of showing a reason along with your votekick it would be easier for people to see if its just trolling or reasonable.
    So when you initiate a votekick it asks you to type in a reason and when it pops up on the other players screens it shows something like this:

    Nvissu initiated a votekick against Nvissu
    Reason: Excessive teamkilling

    Oh and you could also add a cooldown time for the votekick, so that you can’t throw one vote after another but have to wait like 2 minutes untill you can throw a new one. Should take care of the worst vote spam.

  • Vote initiation timers are already in the game - most servers just haven’t changed theirs from default.

    I want to say that default is 60 seconds between vote initiations. It seems shorter due to the 20 or 30 seconds for actual voting, then the 10 seconds for the kick.

    Reasons would be a nice option though.

  • Voting should show relevant stats that would support a kick.

    Number of tks
    Time of AFK
    % of damage that had been team damage
    Objective score.

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