Chivalry: Modern Warfare

  • Sorry, just had to say it =P … t-vs.-West

    Anyone else looking forward to that game? I hope that someday it will be possible to make a Chivalry mod for it, in a modern setting.

  • The hell’s this guy talkin’ about.


  • Haha i’m just messing around. Game of Thrones Modern Warfare, also =)

  • We are very proud to reveal our mystery project, “Project Reagan”, by announcing the upcoming game: East vs. West - A Hearts of Iron Game!

    The game will be a Grand Strategy/Wargame set during the Cold War era - 1946-1991. The game is being developed by BL-Logic in close cooperation with Paradox Development Studio. We want to recreate the political and military tension between the Eastern Bloc and the West, since we at Paradox Development Studio have long felt that a Cold War era game is missing from our lineup. So when BL-Logic – the creators of Arsenal of Democracy – presented their game concept based on the Clausewitz engine, we felt that it was a perfect match.

    As the 1950’s approach, the arms race intensifies and the world fears World War III as the US and USSR fight for global dominance. Guide your country through this dangerous historical era with all means direct and conventional, nuclear or indirect, via diplomacy, espionage and economy.

    Yes, we are teasing you and not revealing much
    The game is very early in development and we will tell you much more when we enter alpha later this fall! So be on the look out!

    This will be awesome.

    Enjoing controlling a single character or microing a couple of squads, Ill be commanding tens of millions and nuking shit in apocalyptic wars.


    “I don’t say this lightly: I was pretty blown away by the level of detail in East vs West’s simulation, which actually tracks the population of your holdings down to individual people. Citizens in East vs West are further subdivided into age brackets, which can affect things like drafts. Being at war for a long time is going to deplete your supply of healthy, young adults, forcing you to expand the parameters and start putting guns in the hands of the middle aged and elderly.” … egy-scale/

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