Minute-Host UK Host Specializing in DUEL servers!!

  • **Grab yourself one of our SPECIAL 2 slot duel servers for your clan or for you and your friend to duel on without interruptions from a 3rd player!! Order Today!!
    *Use Live Chat for a price quote/order Today!! 2 SLOTS = $5.00 : 3 SLOTS = $7.50
    4 SLOTS = $10.00 *All prices are in US dollars and Only available in our UK “London” datacenter.

    You may password your server “lock it down” if you choose.

    **Our Servers Use Dual Intel Quadcore 5420 CPUs 16GB Ram, 1x500GB SATA Drives, Huge Bandwidth [100Mbit Port]

    ***We have 2 test duel servers up and running:
    Server name = Rent a Duel Server http://www.Minute-Host.com
    Password = tryduel

    Again all our server’s are located in the UK “London”, be our guest and try before you buy 8-)
    inquire @ http://www.Minute-Host.com**

  • **as of right now the currency conversion from the dollar to the English pound is as follows:

    5.00 USD = 3.12 GBP

    7.50 USD = 4.68 GBP

    10.00 USD = 6.24 GBP**

  • **we have set up a 24 slot server in our London location for testing:

    server name = Minute-Host

    There is no join password.

    We will leave this server up and running for a month.

    our 24 slot servers are @ 20.00/month USD - 12.41/month GBP

    *this is only available in London currently

    We are working on hosting Chivalry in our US locations.

    We do offer many other titles in the USA.**


  • Also available in our London Location, Age Of Chivalry Servers, inquire @ www.Minute-Host.com

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