Huge Performance Issue - Crossbow reloading [fixed]

  • Hi there, I noticed a game breaking bug accuring to me, and I did not find anything related to that issue with forum search:

    • Each time I reload a crosssbow my game immediatly drop from stable 60 fps to 2-3 fps, I then have to quit the game and reload it if I want my game to be stable again. I have not encountered this with any other action.

    Also I experienced some bugs related to key bindings (unable to rebind keys properly ingame)I had to modify udkgame.ini to sort it out. (also I’m an azerty user if that helps).

    Pc specs:
    -win7 64
    -phenom X4 965 + 8go ram + HD7850

  • Check to see if your config files, folders or any governing folders are set to read-only.

  • No other suggestion, nobody encountered the same issue (the huge fps drop after xbow reload, not the key binding one) ?

    edit: **These 2 issues were fixed with the new hotfix, thanks for the great job torn banners

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