Vultures Chef Achievement bugged and more

  • Hello,

    I bought the game on 26 November, according to Steam on 27 November i received the Achievement Vultures Chef which is kill 100 Man at Arms.

    It is highly unlikely that i earned this achievement, since i am only about 6 hours in and my total sum of kills is more like 30 something. Normal kills that is, i definitely did not kill 100 Man at Arms already.

    It’s strange and i hope i can reset it somehow. Furthermore i noticed that Archery training sometimes does not finish and i am stuck for a few minutes. Several Class trainers as well as the Combat Trainer, and Advanced Combat trainer do not always seem to recognize when you do what they tell you. (think about the backslash sequence)

    The Advanced Combat Trainer tells you to look at the manner in which he swings his sword… Only he has a mace in his hand.

    Perhaps not a bug but i would like to see the tutorial faction choice be elaborated upon. Right now it seems to serve mostly as confusion although did they put the choice in just to show you the factions? New players might get the idea they need to pick wisely while in reality the choice does not matter.

    Another bug that led to confusion was the scoreboard telling me my team is the Agathians whilst i was actually a mason. ( in team objective, not FFA )

    Server lists sometimes don’t work. Normally i get a list full of servers, occasionally when i use the Filter options i can’t find any server. And i only would have clicked on “hide empty/full servers”

  • Those poor MAA’s. 8-)

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