Half off December, Execorehosting.com Chivalry Game Hosting

  • December is here and its the season for savings. From now till January 1st all Game servers are 50% off for the first month with promocode : HalfoffDecember

    Hosting Chivarly: Medieval Warfare servers at $0.85 per slot and hosting up to 64 slots.

    Current Locations:
    Chicago, IL
    New York, NY

    Current Features:
    Full FTP access
    Support through tickets
    Gamepanel [start/stop/restart/webftp]
    Auto-Restart in case of crash

    Server Specifications
    All Servers are are Xeon Server grade processors (Dual Quad Core)
    100 meg-bit network connection

    Test Servers:

  • execorehosting.com,

    I have run servers for years and I am so happy to have found your servers. I know without question you have been unmatched in pricing and customer service. The automatic updates for games has helped me maintain the 9 servers I run in different games. The pricing allows me to keep my number of servers high to keep [THE] CLAN thriving. I appreciate it greatly

    Shep 2

  • Thanks shep for your positive response.

  • We are now offering a New York Location for Chivalry.

  • Seeing the chance to rent a 16 player server for under $20/mo I took a chance with this host. (Actually with the half off code it’s under $10 for this first month.) Have to say I am…impressed. I wasn’t sure going into it how well the service would be given that the price was lower than most hosts but I have 0 complaints. Server was up and running pretty quickly and the few issues I had were resolved almost immediately. I think the first support ticket I filed was responded to in under 10 minutes.

    Your mileage may vary, but they get my nod.

  • Thanks for the positive review.

    Our 50% off all server promotion is still running. Just put in the code HalfoffDecember

    And our servers are only $0.85 per slot for Chivalry regularly.

    Our game server hosting list

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