Please work on blocking the speed hack

  • 1. The game is run on private servers.
    2. It’s a small developer selling the game cheaply.

    What do you impose they do?

  • What do you impose they do?

    uuh… look into fixing the hack?

  • @20k:

    What do you impose they do?

    uuh… look into fixing the hack?

    Unfortunately it isn’t that simple - if it were, the hack would be “fixed” within the base engine of the game, along with every other game engine using a dedicated server structure, all of which are prone to hacking, particularly things as basic as speed hacking. Play long enough on any Source game outside of VAC-secure servers and you’re bound to run into plenty of hackers as well.

    The only kinds of games that are almost entirely safe from hackers are those that accept virtually no client information outside of player inputs. The server tells the client where the player’s location is and what state they’re in rather than the other way round - this of course has its own downsides, for example other players’ locations would be inaccurate, because UE3 and most other engines use client side prediction.

    Games that use this kind of system which limits client interference are mainly strategy games that don’t require complete precision of controls, because it allows you to eliminate things like maphacking and resource manipulation entirely. Players never notice this input delay because it’s generally minor and masked by the game - I.E. even though the server didn’t receive your movement order and update the location of your units yet, on your screen your units appear to be moving already. In Chivalry however, this delay would be enough to cause plenty of missed attacks and blocks and screw with your visual timing, because without client side prediction the game won’t be able to give you an accurate approximation of other players’ locations, which when combined with the inherent delay your attacks will suffer (UE3 doesn’t use lag compensation which may baffle a lot of players who are used to Source, but is one of the factors that makes it much better for a melee game where lag compensation is actually evil) means that the game becomes far more susceptible to lag - think of it as essentially doubling the ping of both players.

    However, potential ways to mitigate the effects of hacking have been discussed and are being looked into, specifically ways to detect people who are speed hacking - but because speed hacking is essentially intercepting packets being sent from your client to the server, any potential solution has to be one that won’t just end up kicking people with bad connections who will experience frequent packet loss, even if said packet loss barely interferes with gameplay.

    So in the end it’s a really complex problem, but I assure you it is being thought about very seriously.

  • Developing & supporting an AntiCheat could be very expensive (exceeding by far the cost of developing the game) . It is not just a little fix or patch , it is an ongoing eternal battle , cheating cannot be defeated 100 % in any moment .

    I don’t know with sure , but I heard VAC is cheap anticheat .

    PS. Did you see in that video how some times even the swing animations don’t occur ?
    Yes , it is obviously not designed for that speed .
    ROFL , I found it a bit funny .

  • I realize all the issues dealing with hacking. I started gaming heavily on TFC back in the day. I am mainly complaining about this particular hack since it seems to be the biggest pain right now in my opinion (plus most of the hacks seem to use the same method of packet interjection).

    Also aside from the internal dev team efforts I figure that when the API is released we will start seeing server management systems with their own security features to mitigate this type of bad play.

    Thank you mod for your reply.

    And Oldschooler I thought that was pretty funny too :D

  • It’s good that the devs are looking into the problem but honestly, if you’re on a server with a cheat, vote to kick them, and if their buddies are also on and you can’t vote them out, then leave (obviously).

  • Well at least this particular hacker could be banned right?

    Anyway for the most severe types of hacks banning individual users should be possible as they are quite easy to proof.

    For the lesser hacks like aimbotting wallhack and the likes of those I think mainly going after hacks that are released to the public and making sure they won’t work should be plausible to get done and some of the private sold hacks, well I think those are something we just have to deal with like on most other games.

    BTW why the choice for VAK over punkbuster?

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