Favorite/Least favorite class voiceover?

  • What the topic says. I’m interested in finding out what the people think about the voice over of the different classes, and which they favor the most/least.

    Starting with the most favorite I must hands down say the Mason Knight. His voice is quite simply the epitome of manliness. His lines, even if they’re a little over the top sometimes, manage to deliver a convincing image of a large brute swinging heavy weapons. It fits the personality perfectly. Quite the opposite of this would be Agathian archer, which I also like, despite him sounding like, well, a wimp. But that’s exactly the thing- it fits the character. However what really made him emerge to the top of my favorites is the quantity of emotion in his voice. You can hear the anxiety and fear in his voice, all things a person would probably feel given the circumstances.

    As for the least favorite, I must name the Agathian Vanguard. Some of his lines make me downright cringe because of how forced they sound. Especially when he screams, it kind of reminds me when me and my friends were kids, our voices still high pitched, and we would attempt to “imitate” manly shouts we heard at movies, and, of course, the impressions were horrible. When I hear that voice, I just don’t buy that the owner of the voice is a frontline fighter, wielding giant two handers. Even though the Agathian archer, which I put up in the top, also sounds like somewhat childish, his voiceover doesn’t feel as forced, nor so devoid of emotion as the Vanguards’.

    So that’s basically my opinion. What’s yours?

  • Mason Man At Arms - he sounds like the nerdy guy who was forced into the battle and tries to sound manly to keep his foes at bay. Doesn’t work. Makes me lol every time.

  • One of the knights clearly sounds like Arnold Schwarzenegger, always wonder if that’s what they went for.

    They’re all pretty fine to me.

  • here’s my thoughts


    as for the Agathian Vanguard, I agree there’s a couple of taunts and random things here/there that could’ve been handled better like the yells, but for the most part he simply sounds very proper and pompously light hearted, kind of like the Agathian knight but not as hefty sounding. “i am hea to assist!” “neva fear! III am hear!” “follow mehh, i will lead!”. and his laughs are some of the best. i think his emphasis and gravitas is well suited for sounding fairly jolly British and giving a generally high-horsed Agathian attitude.

  • @Emerald:

    Mason Man At Arms - he sounds like the nerdy guy who was forced into the battle and tries to sound manly to keep his foes at bay. Doesn’t work. Makes me lol every time.

    yeah his nasal-y yells and quirky taunts with his small body running around generally give off a cartoonish mosquito like vibe….especially the creepy scumbag laughs, i get reminded of those evil mini-Ashes from Army of Darkness when you get a bunch together and you’re all laughing all the way to kill the royal family members.

  • The mason vanguard sound just have very bad recording quality. Annoing.

  • I like the Mason MaA the best. That laugh…

  • I really dislike the Man at Arms voice.

    I think my favorite is probably the Knight.

  • I actually really dislike the one with the American accent. It’s out of place and I find it breaks the immersion.

    But my favourite is probably the mason guy that you hear when the masons win (probably the Arnie guy mentioned previously).

  • I want a class that uses the commander voice “PUSH THE CART…… TO THE GATES!”

    Best class voice is mason knight/vanguard, worst is MAA mason. Seriously unprofessional sounding.

  • Mason Archer makes me very very sad. He has some okay lines, but the voice just sounds completely out of place on a medieval battlefield.

    Conversely, Agatha Archer has amazing lines and sounds perfect for an archer. Very cocky when he taunts and laughs - of course he would be, he’s sitting miles away from you shooting you with arrows. But his warcry has a very “Oh man why am I charging these guys I’ve only got a friggin’ dagger I better sound as tough as I can” kind of feel. Also he shouts COME ON, YEAH! which I find wonderfully cheesy.

    Still it’s hard to pick a favorite, because aside from the Mason Archer I like all of the voices a lot. Extremely well written (and well picked in regards to the lines that weren’t written by them, such as the shakespeare quotes) and well acted for an amateur cast.

  • Favorite line: I tire of mead. . . I thirst. . .FOR BLOOOOD !

    Who says that?

  • Here’s how I would order the voices from best to worst, along with some of my favorite lines:

    1. Mason Man-At-Arms (“Kill dem.”)

    2. Mason Knight (“I tire of Mead… I thirst… FOR BLOOD!”)

    3. Agatha Vanguard (“Shouldn’t this place be ON FIRE?”)

    4. Agatha Archer (“AGATHAAAAAAAAAAA”)

    5. Agatha Knight (“D-dost thou taunt me?!”)

    6. Agatha Man-At-Arms (“Hehehe… you gotta be kidding me!”)

    7. Mason Vanguard

    8. Mason Archer

    I think the Masons have both the best and the worst voices. Agatha’s voices are all pretty solid. I really like all of the voices except for Mason vanguard and archer, which are just dull and kinda bad.

  • Kill them! Kill them aaalllll!!! (Mason Knight)
    Are your parents siblings? (Mason Archer?)
    I am…so…sorry… (Mason Knight)

  • both vangaurds are hilarious imo.
    also love the mason knight taunt ’ you’re wife provided better sports’ :D

  • Mason Vanguard. Muhahaha, yes!

    There is no “least favorite” for a budget this small the voices are really good, but so were the AoC voices.

  • Mason Knight, hands down. His voice is just so ridiculously hammy and over-the-top (“Send them to join their families… IN DEEEEEEAAAATH!”, “Poooooooison their wateeeeeers! With the diseeeeaaaased bodieeeees!”) all the time. All. The. Time. I can only imagine whoever was doing his lines was having a blast with it, though I imagine all of them did.

    I don’t really have a least favourite VO.

    On a sidenote, I find it funny that while most classes have a mixture of gurgles and blood-choked wheezing when they die - and in the case of (I think) the Agathian MaA, a very patriotic last gasp of “Agathaaa…” - the knights on both sides, the most badass front-line warriors, both seem to sob and cry when they die.

  • I believe the last “Agathaaaa” gasp also belongs to the Agathian knight. And now that you mention having a blast recording the lines… it would be so funny to actually SEE the actors doing the voicelines, especially the death screams. I imagine the scene of someone screaming like that in the microphone would be quite riddiculous, and think of all the screw ups that must have hapened. Probably looks something like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5YLgDztduc :D

  • Mason Vanguard Spamming “No”

    sounds like tourrete guy lol


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