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  • Frankly assists need to be actually worth something. Currently with the focus purely on kills it detracts from cooperative action and just leads to mad melees over low health enemies to get the kill. I believe in some mode (maybe all) you do get some points for assists but helping kill should have more incentives. Every 3-5 assists (exact number unsure of) should be worth a kill toward unlocks with the weapon you used in the assists and it should be a displayed stat on the scoreboard. Basically, REWARD THE TEAM PLAYERS MORE!

  • @Luapman:

    leads to mad melees over low health enemies to get the kill.

    Hahahaha! Been there! 8-)

    ……but really, I think all games need to take assists more seriously.

  • That’s a good suggestion. 1 point towards unlocking per 2 assists sounds fair; assists are worth 5 points in game compared to 10 for a proper kill, so keeping that ratio seems reasonable.

    I get an awful lot of assists as an MAA, and bow archers must have an even harder time. And more to the point, many of my kills are essentially “stolen”, as I like to run around and turn 1v1s into 2v1s, and often get the killing blow. I’d like to be able to do this without feeling like a colossal turd all the time.

  • Assists already award points, as stated. But yes, assists progressing unlocks would be great, especially for archers.

  • I like the idea of assists being used for unlocks / achievements, but I don’t think they should count towards unlocks and achievements that are related to kills. It’d also be nice if assists showed up in the scoreboard for all players.

  • I totally agree. And I also like the idea of a advanced scoreboard. You could show most kills, best K/D-ratio, most assists, most damage and in TO most objective points. Maybe also most health recovered in one life and stuff like that.
    Also a wall of shame with most team damage and most team kills.

    This would certainly alter the gamestyle of most people.

  • Just a though how about registering kills differently instead of the one doing the final damage the one doing the most damage gets the kill?

    I really think the unlocks should not have been on kills rather on points when having a certain weapon active. Especially in objective mode people just go for kills when they really should focus on other stuff.

  • Assists should be shown on the scoreboard. The best team players in this game are those that are actively helping teammates win fights through careful support attacking, positioning, etc. The team that fights together and puts themselves in an advantageous position, wins, every time. Saw this just now where telling the team to stick together and pick a flank at the start helped us overturn a deficit. We eventually lost in the final round but only because the other team also decided to stick together as a blob to win it.

    Killing blows, however, are killing blows. Disagree that percentage damage should be a factor for deciding that. Those that get the job done the most by sticking their pointy end in deserve the kudos.

  • Agreed. I also think it should display the kill assistant in the kill-feed like in Team Fortress 2:

  • @AngryDave:

    Agreed. I also think it should display the kill assistant in the kill-feed like in Team Fortress 2:

    This game handled assists like no other.

    It was very rewarding to play medic, or use some fun tools like jarate or mad milk, that dont directly kill the enemies but makes them easy kills. I think many archers and lightclass players would really benefit from having their assists properly rewarded.

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