- Doin' some stressin' testin'

  • Okay, I haven’t checked every GSP out there, but 32 seems to be the common player cap among managed hosts (including, due to optimization (Or lack-thereof?) to CMW. Recently, we updated Xen on our VDS machines, which has shown significant improvements with a number of games, so I’m seeing what we can get out of CMW.

    I currently have a test server set up on an E5-2690 at 48 players, which can be found at and is taking a while to fill up, which brings me to you guys. I’m hoping we can get some people in there, fill it up to 48 players. The server is running completely stock, with the full map rotation.

    Hopefully we can get it filled up it will run great, and I can move it up a bit over and over until we can reach 64.

    I’m definitely looking for some feedback, as well. If you join, it runs great, but it’s not over 32 players, the feedback isn’t as important, because we have pretty good metrics for this already. If you join, it runs great and it’s over 32 players, let me know (As well as how many were on there). If you join and it runs badly at any point, regardless of players, let me know that, too, but try to be specific with what you’re experiencing, maybe a pastebin to a tracert or MTR, also.

    In any case, thanks!

    P.S. If any of this violates your board rules feel free to edit/censor/move/delete. This is my first post on these forums and I believe I conformed to the rules, but I’m known for…being wrong. :)

  • Hi there, welcome to the forums! Your post is just fine, thanks for taking the time to read the rules though ;)

    I will be more than happy to test this out. I’m about to go on Chiv now anyways, so this is a perfect time.

    Also, do you have the port for this or the name of it so I can find it in the list?

  • Aha, sorry about that. It’s on port 6000, with the name “ Stress Test Server”

    It only got up to about 18 players yesterday, and it’s pretty low at the moment, too, but a few minutes of seeding would be appreciated. :)

  • i use nfo/bluefang and jest, i have found the magic number is 24, its not the provider it’s the game, i started at 40 slots and brought them all down to 24

  • Oh, I agree, as is the case with many games, but sometimes, if you can get enough efficient power to them, they will still perform (ala BF3, Minecraft, etc).

  • Yeah, two of our servers are NFO and 24 is definitely perfect. I’m going to go check on the server now.

    Our 32 slot (which used to be 40) is even too much. When it was 40, it was wayyy too laggy.


  • Alright, well I played on it for a good hour and you’ll be happy to hear that we got it up to 48 players. I must have that magic touch ;) And omg how chaotic that is. I definitely prefer 24 slots max lol.

    In any case, at its peak, I didn’t experience any issues other than my own personal preferences. I was able to play like I do on a smaller server and didn’t experience any lag spikes or any type of glitching.

    It progressed slowly, but I had some friends join up with me, so it started off small around 14 users and progressed over time to 24, then 30ish then finally to 48. I can’t even fathom trying it out at 64 slots O.O

    Good luck and if you need further testing, feel free to say the word.

  • I definitely appreciate it. I attempted to join as I could, but I also have 4 bajillion support requests to get out at the same time, so I couldn’t really contribute. I did watch as it filled up, keeping an eye on usage and at 48 players, it was using 60% of 2 E5-2690 cores (A fraction of that is the OS, too), which is comparible, if a little less, than a BF3 server, which is what I would like to see.

    I agree, that many can get hectic, and having played at just ~20 people, I understand why 24 is a good number for a lot of people.

  • Alrighty, yesterday went well and I’ve just gone straight to 64 players with it. Feel free to try to load it up during the day today. (I’m at work until 1AM Central Time)

  • I was pleased with the testing and now I’m happy to say that we are able to offer 64 slot servers. Thanks to everyone who logged in and feel free to keep using the test server for any purpose, as I’m going to leave it up for now just because.

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