My impressions of the game and it's classes

  • First off the game is a blast, but after having played for a bit I have some feedback for the developers.
    I recognize that all of this is my opinion and as such might not all be based on fact.

    Here are some of the changes that I feel would help gameplay. I think the knights should run slower than they currently do, not a dramatic reduction in speed but slower than they are currently, all that armor has to slow them some.

    I think for the amount of damage that they do vanguard can swing too fast. I think they should do the same damage but the swing should be slowed, or maybe damage reduced the closer to the hilt that you get.

    Regular bows on archers should do more damage. The crossbow is fine, but the regular bow just doesn’t cut it.

    The men at arms ability to dodge is basically worthless. 99% of the time you are running and you cannot register a dodge while holding the shift key.

    Why do you have to hold shift to run anyway? why doesn’t everyone run by default. This is a war for god’s sakes, I don’t see anyone but archers walking. At the bare minimum give me an option to always run, if I need to recover I can just sit still.

    Look at the stats for character types and I bet you will find some statistically significant relationships between game type, and class success rate. Free for all is men at arms domain. They are probably the best in 1v1. In any team battle, classes with more armor and more damage per hit rule the day. Normally Vanguards, but knights also. Team deathmatch usually degrades into vanguards running in with a swing, backing out, repeat. if anyone (team or foe) engages prepare for a cloud of blows from all around.

    Finally I would really like some customization options to make my shield and other pieces more personalized. I see you are moving that direction with the helmets, but hope it doesnt stop there. think banners, shields. swords, etc.

    Anyway thanks for the time, it would be good to know if any of the developers end up reading this.

  • I Think if you play some more you’ll realise that it’s fairly balanced for now and your suggestions would greatly throw things out of whack.

  • Sounds to me like somebody should have picked up WotR instead~

    They’re all viable ideas but there is always reasoning on the opposite end of the stick. I don’t really want to get into this sort of thing, but still want to say that you haven’t fallen on deaf ears here.

  • There’s an option in the controls menu to enable toggle sprint. Pressing shift will make you always sprint until you press shift again.

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