• Hi all, Just wondering what the game has come to so far from the Dev videos?
    The animations surely needed some big improvements & Stuff… Also nothing else was really shown besides sword swinging.

    The trailer doesnt show much besides fighting, But it seems that that theres still ALOT of pushing around without animations. (The character moves back orso when hit but the feet dont even move orso)

    What are the new additions added to the game or what things were “fixed” in the past year?
    Will you do something about that whole “pushing around” effect?

    (What I mean with pushing around effect is what you see in 0:53 in the trailer, Most players are kinda hovering backwards when hit orso)

    Also, Another question: Does the game really look that blurry & Wahsed up as in the Dev videos & Trailer?

  • I’m sure the floating movement you’re talking about will get fixed, but do note it’s slow motion.

    All the videos are 720p which is 1280x720.

    The screenshots in the media section are between 1280x720 and 1600x900 which is a littler higher, but remember there is jpeg compression as well. … 1/07/5.jpg

    Wait for beta…

  • Orso?

  • Developer

    We are putting a massive amount of work into revamping the animations. We’ve heard the community’s feedback on these issues and we have identified several things we can do to take the animation quality to the next level so we will be totally redoing all the animations before release and we have already fixed some of these issues. A new trailer is coming soon…. very, very soon that will show you how far we have come in recent months.

  • Sweet look forward to seeing the new trailer.

  • Tibberius did not lie, you honor your family sir.

  • @Hitch:

    Sweet look forward to seeing the new trailer. … e-trailer/

  • Well, That was a nice trailer for sure (:
    I didnt see much pushing around (Its First Person though) so thats a good thing ;D

    These are some things that didnt look right though, Ill note them here:
    0:03-0:05 / IDK… The characters seemed to go a bit too fast for their leg movements.
    0:21-0:25 / Both the arrow & The axe were launched in a weird way, Specifally the axe, I was like “WTF just happened” when I first saw it :P
    1:02-1:03 / LOLWTF, The kings’ head looks SO WEIRD xD

    Anyways, Besides those small things everything else seemed good.
    Would be better to have a more “Im hitting something” effect when hitting people, This can be specially noted in 0:48 & 0:28-0:32.
    Also when you get hit or something hits the shield the effect should be VERY short but more abrupt.
    Look at 0:43 for example… The shield moving was great but the actual camera didnt have any effect, A super short small shake would give a better effect :P

    These are all just opinions based on the trailer, I dont really have the game so I couldent judge how it really is.
    These are just my impressions on the trailer. Pretty good job though, I like how people die & All the blood splatter ;D

  • @LiNcKz:

    stuff i think is wrong but i still think this game i good

    paraphrasing cuz wall o’ text, it’s still in alpha, trust me when i say when i got to test it hitting someone felt REALLY rewarding, as much if not more so than AoC.

  • :o I love the battle cries :berz:

  • :rage:

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