Age of Chivalry

  • Am I the only one that played Age of Chivalry the half life mod??? People act like Torn Banner created the game from scratch. Not True. Either way, good graphics and engine update. But I really hate how stupid the Arrows look when fired and javalines looks fuqin retarded now. Looks like Im chunking a rounded off 4x4…. If you are going to Jack Age of Chivalry at least get that shit down, bring back the old arena, fix arrows/javalines, and bring back the badass armor Mason Order had before. It’s intimidating.

  • You’re absolutely right about the huge trails behind the projectiles. Along with the AoC Mason Knight armor. I’d say that, that should be the Mason “King/General” in a Slay the King mode.

  • I agree with the Mason armor thing but I never played that mod. Still though, it’d be cool to actually have the different factions HAVE different armor sets in total.

  • The only strange thing about the AoC Mason armor was the horned helmet, there were no variations of it so it was a whole bunch of knights with horned helmets.

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