Crossbowmen and the Pavise

  • A great deal of Crossbowmen I see tend to leave the pavise in spawn. I do as well. However, the few seconds it takes to place the pavise and switch back to the primary weapon are critical moments at the beginning stages of a fight.

    Could you please make an option to simply not have an item in that slot? Or offer another selection, like the Smoke Pot, perhaps?

    Thank you for your time.

  • You really should learn to use the thing, even if you don’t need it for your own cover it can still be used for blocking off paths for your enemies, placing some cover for allies and on your back it prevents you from getting killed by most that is thrown at your back.

    Furthermore most of the time a lot of the classed don’t really use their secondary weapons, they don’t get anything for that, why should you.

  • @qlum:

    Furthermore most of the time a lot of the classed don’t really use their secondary weapons, they don’t get anything for that, why should you.

    The Pavise is not in the secondary slot but in the tertiary slot. The weapons in that slot get used alot by all classes, like the shields and throwing axes for example.

    And I use my secondary weapon alot by the way.

  • This shield is not as useless as you think. It blocks ranged damage from behind, gives you the clicking noise if some archer shot at you and missed your head, and if you have absolutely no cover but battle an enemy archer you can always do a 180 and duck to reload.

  • Even while i know usefulness of pavise shield, i would like to have an option. Since sometimes i dont want to exploit passive block mechanics and sometimes i dont want to be big red/blue target.

  • Yeah, it’s mostly the fact that it makes your outline so huge.

  • It also obviously marks you as a crossbowman. This can make a big difference: as an MMA, I do a lot of archer harassment, and when I know I’m charging a crossbowman and he just missed me or hit my shield, I know he won’t be able to fire again for at least a few seconds, so either I mow him down or he draws a pigsticker and we duel it out.

    Secondly, the pavise lets me know which way the crossbowman is facing, even at a decent distance. This makes it easier for me to tell if he’s seen me sneaking up on his flank or from behind; can’t always tell with a bow archer.

    That said, it is annoying to be chucking daggers at a fleeing crossbowman with a pavise on his back, and I’ve seen some archers lay them down in really smart (and annoying) places to obstruct movement. Once saw a few clever crossbowmen wall themselves in at Trebuchet #3. I rounded a corner thinking I’d be able to charge through, and ran into a wall. I wasn’t even done contemplating what had just happened before I was forcefed a bolt. lol Good times.

  • lol sometimes after placing the Pavise shield it just blows up :P

    OT yea i agree with op’s

  • the Pavise should be much more stronger. Feel like anything can penetrate it… =/

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