Class / Skills / Item unlocks

  • Ok, so I have no life takes a deep breath but here goes some thoughts about unlocks.
    For a melee-based first-person hack-and-slash game, I would hate for there to be unlocks that would increase damage for weapons…even if you could justify it by real-life. Ie, you practice more and become stronger, you can hit harder and at more vital spots. I would love for this to be a game where you can just log on and fight against anyone and not have to worry about hours of grinding.
    That being said, it would be nice to have certain unlocks or certain “slight-advantages” to your character as you gain experience or whatever the game wants to call it.
    Here are three ideas that I have for the game.
    Idea 1: Class unlocks
    It would be cool to have different tracks. (just because a class would be unlocked, doesn’t make it unbalanced and better than the previous classes though).
    For example. You could have a guardsman class, where you start out with a mace, and then you could unlock the spear later on and be like the old AoC Guardsman class…
    You could have a squire class, like the man-at-arms, and can work your way to knight hood and unlock different weapons for it.
    Idea 2: Free selection of armor and weapons
    For game balancing, the player would start off with a medium/medium type weapons and armor and unlock faster or slower type weapons ect.
    It would be awesome if you can choose which armor and weapon you want.
    The armor would affect your movement speed, but increase your health, and the more powerful weapons would swing slower.
    So a person could go for maximum armor and attack speed by wielding a normal long sword (as opposed to the claymore that they call a longsword in AoC), and wear a heavy armor. Or someone could wear no armor and wield a giant axe.
    This system would allow players a bit of customization and make it so they don’t all look exactly the same.
    They could pick what armor they want…how much speed they will sacrifice for armor, and then what weapon they want. How much attack speed (or ease at hitting ie. Javaline vs bow) for damage.
    One player might want to have a heavy shield and no armor so that they could still move fast…the combination’s are endless.
    Idea 3: Set classes with perks
    Ie. You can start as an archer, man at arms, crusader…whatever the class and then you can unlock buffs that cost certain skill points (to keep the game balanced).
    Here are some ideas, some more obvious than others.

    1. Archer choices of things to increase:
      A) Increased amount of arrows that they can carry.
      B) You could start out with a dagger as a backup weapon and can unlock other weapons…ie sword or mace.
      C) Fiery arrows…god I would love this one. (on a side note: It would be awesome if fire arrows could set shields on fire amongst other things) A player could start with a wooden shield that could only take so much damage…the more it gets hit, the less protection that it does and one can see battle -damage- which leads us to the next class.
    2. Man at arms / Sergeant type character
      A) You could start out with one dagger and unlock double daggers and perhaps a throwing dagger.
      B) They could unlock different shields…ie wooden shield would be good for emergency situations but wouldn’t hold up in a big battle, a metal shield might slow down their movement slightly and provide better cover, but it would be heavyier and might drain more stamina.
      C) If they can learn to dual wield daggers…why not swords?
      D) Ok this isn’t really an unlock but more of a joke towards the first AoC. They could make it so that the mace would actually hit things.
    3. Knight
      A) Different weapons from sword to axe and different backup weapons.
      B) Different armors. Ie. Plate armor is better vs piercing / stabbing attacks and chain mail is better against slashing attacks.
      C) It would weigh more, but they could have armor that protects against all sorts of things.
      *Having different armors that protect against different kinds of attack would create a whole new strategy for the game.
      Ie. A sword wielder sees a knight wearing chainmail so they might try to do more thrusting attacks vs slashing.
      To sum it up, there can be three or so different kinds of class specific upgrades:
    4. Different armors / shields.
    5. Different secondary weapons, or quantity (ie knives or arrows). I don’t see having more arrows as a perk as being too advantageous since people can replenish arrows.
    6. Unlocking different primary weapons.
      Of course you could always unlock different coats of arms or skins or faces whatever…
      Aside from class-specific buffs, there can also be overall player buffs:
      For example (and these would change game balance a bit):
      Increased movement speed
      Increased attack speed
      Increased stamina (or make it drain slower)
      Increased toughness …whatever.
      I hope you enjoyed reading my random suggestions, have a nice day :)

  • I have a slight feeling that they’ve might have already thought out an unlock system, as it has already been announced.
    But what do i know^^

  • i like the idea of the skins and characters and how archers can carry more arrows but unlocks that affect actual damage like fire arrows will just be gay even though it would be fun you could see alot of ppl spamming with it and other people getting pissed and such

  • Some good suggestions but I don’t agree with the fiery arrows…but it would be cool if there were fire on the level and you shot an arrow through it then the arrow would be on fire :D . I can see the point in an unlock system with some advantages the higher the rank, you know to entice players to play more, but I do disagree with a system that would allow for more experienced players to pwn noobs and discourage them from ever playing again. I think Team Chivalry (correct name???) will find a good balance.

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