Inability to change Video settings permanetly

  • Every time I change the Fullscreen and Resolution options then exit the game it fails to remember my setting for the next time. I play with an eyefinity desktop and find the game uncomfortable to play with 5780 by 1080 res. Every time I change it to 1920 by 1080 and exit the game it opens fullscreen again the next time. I tried editing the config files but that has no effect. Has someone found a fix for this yet?

    And yes I clicked the “Finish” button when exiting the options menu.
    Graphics driver setting are set to application controlled.

  • Add the -resX and -resY launch properties with your desired resolution. -windowed also puts it in windowed mode.

  • Ok well it opens in a window now by setting launch option in steams game preferences menu but I can’t set the resolution. I have tried -resx. -resX, -w, -width, and those with brackets etc. Making progress!

  • Its -resX=1920 woot. Thanks for the quick responses!

  • @retributioon:

    Its -resX=1920 woot. Thanks for the quick responses!

    Lol woops! Sorry I didn’t give an example. I typed it quickly :)


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