Joining games crashes router

  • Been looking all over the internet to resolve this problem but no luck. Basically almost everytime I join a game my internet will crash, it mostly happens just after I select a class, I see other players just running into walls.

    I know it is the router crashing/disconnecting as when I exit the game I no longer have connection and I hear angry shouts from my brother when his xbox disconnects next door.

    I tried a few fixes such as moving the steam files into the config folder and trying to use the telnet fix using the cmd.exe to solve the problem but I just get an error 'could not open connection to the host, on port 23: connection failed.

    Anyone else getting this problem? And does anyone out there know a fix?

    many thanks

  • no luck on that site =/ also note it is only when playing chivalry online does the router crash. I play other games such as battlefield 3, mount and blade and left 4 dead online multiplayer with no problems at all.

  • Try typing reconnect from the console when the game lags out. That might work.

    On my router I set up port forwarding to solve my connection problems:

    I disabled all port forwarding for other games.

    I set up forwarding for these ports for chivalry:
    TCP 27015 - 27015
    UDP 27015 - 27015
    TCP 9989 - 9989
    UDP 9989 - 9989
    TCP 1000 - 4999
    UDP 1000 - 4999

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