Blocking Models

  • I -assume- but I am asking anyway. The eventual goal is for the shield models to decide what gets blocked? Not some invisible shield which doesn’t mesh with the actual shield?

  • Pretty much everything the shield covers is blocked. When you get hit through the shield it might mean a few things.

    The animation with the swing hit you behind/from the side of the shield, it’s related with clipping issues (the fact that the hand might go through the shield, isntead of getting blocked, and the mace/any other 1h weapon might hit you from the side then or another known bug (lightsaber stab or swing, even)

  • A shield blocks ALL projectiles.

    It does not, however, block all melee attacks that “hits” it. You need to aim your Block DIRECTLY in the dead center of their attack to successfully block.

    So if a player is in your face, ignore his direction, just follow his weapon(even though realistically the blow should be blocked).
    A man at Arms can technically hit you in the back by hugging your face with full damage despite that it physically should be impossible.

    Forget logic and follow the game’s rules!

    I know it sounds silly but that’s how the game works :P

    (also remember lag can confuse the animations)

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