Give or take Ideas :)

  • First off, just some stuff that came to my mind! No real expectation for them to be included, i’m not going to argue the ideas. I just thought i’d write them down somewhere constructive as I thought about them.

    An upwards slash attack. I’ve seen the downwards overhead slash which is great and looks fugging awesome. I know there is also a great amount of flexibility in the current repetoire, but could the team if it isn’t already in the game consider that overwhelmingly cinematic upper cut like slash? You know the one where the guy on the recieving end is lifted into the air and lands into a pile of crates?

    Twitching corpses. Say the beheaded corpse as you pass it seems to be kicking its leg against the mud. It would have to be randomised as a thing you see /every/ now and then, but wow, welcome home.

    Non-immediate death animations… Say the guy has just been stabbed in his side… He’s down, the players dead… But the ‘character’ is putting his hands towards the point of pain and maybe hunching into a more fetal position just slightly for a few moments.

    (This could connect in with the mercykill/execute concept I saw months ago now thinking about it.)

    Carrion feeders. Not only that but it would be interesting to see on the battlefield as you enter say an area of desolation and corpses maybe you’d find crows pecking at the remains… As you near the crows they would hop along rather brazenly or all fly away lending to that superbly cinematic affect like you’ve just walked into a very dark place.

    Animation updates. I believe the team is probabling working on them right now, I feel more mobility/dynamic movement in the legs would work wonders… I can’t really fault the team for what they’ve done so far, it looks miles better than practically anything that has existed in the past, but notice in this video, the guy is almost jumping at him and the other mans legs adjust to the situation asmuch as his arms do. I found it interesting.


    Stances or guards (leger/huten or guardia/posta) are in many ways the very foundation of Medieval swordsmanship. The offensive and defensive postures and ready positions from which to deliver all manner of blows lie at the heart of any fighting method. But they are not “static” postures, but dynamic “ready positions” from which to strike or counter-strike.

    Lastly! In medieval combat it seems you adjust your blocking style/stance asmuch as your attacker adjusts his choice of assault. Just an aesthetic thought really, but it could look very cool especially with the Longsword is shifting between “ready stances” as you fight. You could even make it more elaborate play if you included them into the system, but I don’t expect that :)

    I see some of these changes taking the game in a direction the team might not want to go :) But I hope i’ve provided some useful input to be considered!


  • Haha, twitching corpses would be wonderfully morbid!

  • Developer

    Some great ideas here :).

    The upwards slash is an interesting idea and you MAY find some weapons in the game that include it, but one of the things we are struggling with that attack is that it would be most likely to strike the legs and/or body of an opponent, which makes it much less valuable than a traditional overhead. So more of a gameplay concern than something we can’t do.

    Death animations and twitching corpses are something we have some plans for, if we manage to get time for them before release but I don’t want to ruin the surprise of what those plans are yet.

    Birds would be cool, but the AI, animation and modelling work involved make it hard to justify compared to other features at this stage of development.

    Massive animation updates are underway, we are taking this feedback very seriously. Also realize that we are dealing with far more variables than you see in that video. I believe we could create the same situations in our game and it would look just as good as that video, the problem is that its not fun to just attack each other once, back up a few steps and then attack again. Players want to dive in with a flurry of blows and parries, duck out, twirl around and thrust, hack slash all from different angles and times while moving around each other. During all of this they want their actions to feel fast, powerful and responsive, and we take those elements as seriously as we can. This limits our ability to make the combat look good from a 3rd person perspective in some ways, but gameplay has to come first. And again, we are working on many improvements so what is coming is much better than what you have seen as well.

    Adjusting stance/fighting style would be really cool, but it would also create a huge workload for the animators that we can’t afford to do at this stage of development. We provide lots of different fighting styles based on the class and weapon you choose as well as your personal playstyle though so hopefully that makes up for it.

  • Thankyou Tibberius for your candid reply! It means alot to me :)

    I did think some of these things would be a little too much effort for too little reward especially at a time of prioritizing, but your reply has me happy that I laid my thoughts here to rest!


  • I think the screen should fade to black if the character slowly dies on the ground, but immediate lights out if decapitated or instantly killed. Then eerie echoing void music can quietly play while you wait to respawn, emphasizing your death. Perhaps game menus such as class selection can be given a white theme with bloom effects in this black screen phase, contrasting the darkness, if you choose to open a menu.

  • @Deception:

    …immediate lights out if decapitated or instantly killed.

    I dunno, I really enjoyed the first person view in Mortal Online when you got decap’d. Very spinny.

  • As for decap - I think TPP view should be enabled while decapitated, and from what i saw, there would be ;)

  • Decap is always hidden in games and some people don’t even know it is there. I think the camera should take a birds eye view of the head! That would get your point :D across.

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