How to deal with laggers?

  • I can’t seem to block against someone with a ping above 100… up to 200ish. They just jump all over the place on my screen. In a game where it’s crucial to block the end of a blade… and you can’t even see where the blade is, laggers are a big issue. Should I try and votekick them? I just hate getting killed by a level 2 vanguard because I can’t see a damn thing he’s doing. He’s just swinging wildly, but his player model and swing animation are stopping and then starting and being all random. So frustrating.

  • I also have this issue. I think just asking them to find a server more local to them is all you can do at this point. Complaining doesn’t get anything done and the person in question usually just ignores you anyway. Only thing you can do is ask if other people are having the problem and then perhaps vote to kick if it’s a problem for enough people.

    Unlucky you find people like this enough to warrant a forum thread about it.

  • It is unfortunately a system error.

    There isn’t really anything you can do aside from hoping you get lucky you don’t meet them.

    Alternatively, you can try to remember that player, so therefore engage him with the idea that his strikes may be faster/slower than the actual animation.

    I normally tend to go with the assumption that everyone’s animation is 1 second slower than their actual swing… saves me a lot.

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