Hit/Damage Mechanics Need Help

  • 1- Models/Animation matching what hits and misses.
    2- Models/Animations matching WHEN things hit or miss (dying at the very beginning of a swing which, I assume, hits but gods know).
    3- Tighter hit boxes related to what part of the weapon actually causes damage - getting hit with the shaft nearest the hands of a spear/bardiche/pole weaponry should not damage an armoured foe.
    4- How much force is present. Getting hit when a swing is an inch from the start of the swing should cause no damage - there is no force behind it.

    5- Not weapon related, but slower back-peddling, or a chance of falling on your arse would add a nice realistic touch.

    Otherwise, I love this game. Thanks for making it!

  • Two-handed weapons actually swing faster in close quarters (this related to #2 above):

    Because a hit registers from the hands to the end of the weapon, in close quarters, two-handed weapons swing dramatically faster.

    To explain:

    Two people are chest to chest. One has a maul the other a short sword. Both swing at the same time. The short sword pulls his arm to the side and swings. The maul starts with two hands at the chest. Since his hands are are in the chest area, therefore, start closer to the enemy, he hits first.

    I know using a different game as an example is bad form, but some Mount&Blade hit/damage mechanics are -desperately- needed here.


  • I’ve been trying to train the hunting knife, which I’m pretty sure is the shortest weapon in the game, and I’ve definitely noticed that in very close quarters, even pole weapons can be swung at least as quickly as my knife. At least in effective speed. By aiming off to the side so that the swing begins essentially in my sprite, the hit comes out pretty much instantly. EDIT: While doing full damage.

    I’ve also been killed by close-quarters pokes from vanguard spears where the spear tip will be behind me, and thus impossible to parry - but I’ll still take damage anyway. That’s pretty frustrating.

    Maybe it’s my imagination, but it seems as though the buckler blocks more of my own vision than the heater does, despite being smaller overall. Even if that’s really the case, I don’t know if that’s intentional or not, or whether the buckler should block less vision, or the heater should block more.

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