Spectator shouts.

  • I thought it’d be interesting if you could make noises as you flew around in spectator mode (Usually happens in Last Team Standing) to mess with the enemy team. Being able to freak them out, or mimic other sounds in the game would be hilarious.

    For instance, if you could make a noise of someone running near your enemy - or screaming - in order to distract them, would be tactically beneficial. Having a timer on how often you could make noises would be a good balance of it. Or if you could taunt the enemy from after the grave would give me something to do other than watch, fly around, or complain in chat.

  • I think the dead should stay dead untill the next round rather than to come back and haunt the still living fighters. It’s tough enough to try and focus on 2 fighters coming at you from oppisite ends, don’t need an invisible voice behind me to trick me into thinking there are 3 of em.

  • That sounds really silly and out of place.

  • It does sound hilarious but would be terrible in practice (for the living).

    Although the more I think about it, the ability for ‘ghosts’ to yell in true pantomime style ‘HE’S BEHIND YOU’ would probably be a back-of-the-box feature. Right alongside the current yelling and dismemberment, obviously.

  • The spectators should at least be able to go through walls, all of the maps force the spectator to go through the halls and such. I want to go directly to the action and take screenshots! Not play Pan’s Labrynth for 1-2 minutes.

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